Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Photographic Awards given by The Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard

On the 5th of November The Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard held “All That Art” gala  at the King Center. Over one hundred people were in attendance to view and acknowledge the winners  of the competition .  This exhibition will run thru to December the third. The following photographers were recipients of cash awards.
 Lars Wentzle $500.00 , Andei Belyi $300.00,  Heidi Thamert $200.00
Liesl Walsh $50.00, Patricia Corapi $50.00 ,Marc Szcaensy $50.00 ,Lindsay Szalkowski $50.00,
Donna Herring $50.00 ,Rebecca Gomme $50.00 ,Erika Masterson $50.00 ,Lynn Luzzi $50.00
Chuck Palmer $50.00, Steve Gibson $50.00

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