Friday, October 12, 2012

Jamie Meagher, Featured Artist in ADDI+ION, SUBTRAC+ION, ABSTRAC+ION

Q&A with Jamie Meagher, one of the featured artists of ADDI+ION, SUBTRAC+ION, ABSTRAC+ION, opening tonight at EGAD! Art Lab. 6pm, 1405 Highland Ave, Melbourne.

Jamie, tell us about your relationship with art?
I've been drawing and painting since childhood and involved with curation and graphic design for the past 10 years.

What are your chosen surfaces and medium?
I prefer to work with acrylics on masonite or wood, and I like the lack of or variation in texture vs canvas.

Tell us how you responded to the title or theme of this show.
I wanted my pieces for this show to involve repetition of subject matter, division of or subtraction from subject matter.

What other upcoming projects should Brevard know about?
A few exciting things: Showing work in 3rd annual Puppet Art Show in Orlando, October 19th,
20th & 21st at the Renegade Theater.
One of the featured artists and curators at Off Center Art Center, opening in November in Egad
Showing work in "Name That Tune" show in November at NV Art Bar in Orlando
Solo show of "Isolated Still Life" series in January at Rhapsodic Bakery and Urban Art House in Orlando

For more info on artist Jamie Meagher:

Artist Statement-

"The need to create has always been a primary focus in my life. It functions as both a form of expression as well as a form of therapy. My passion for creation has taken many directions, which have led to my current body of work. My preference for bold colors and organic shapes paired with a love of abstract design has resulted in my current endeavor to create images that tap into a feeling of calm within the viewer. My creative process involves more of an exploration of the balance and composition of the shapes and colors than a preplanned design for a final product."

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