Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Master's Journey - The Works of Charles Veleck

Art and Antique Studio and Gallery 
A Master's Journey 
The Works of Artist Charles Veleck 

Exhibit opens November 2, 2012

Charles Veleck has long been recognized as one of the foremost watercolorists in Florida.  Most admirers agree that the appeal of his work lies in the fact that his subjects are of universal interest and not restricted to regional or sectional topics.  He has mastered many subjects from still life’s to primal landscapes and his paintings have a directness and immediacy that can come only from first hand experience with the subject. 

Born in Chicago in 1931, Velek exhibited an early interest in art but was unable to pursue it as a career until 1967.  Since then he has become one of Florida’s award-winning artists with a growing following along the Eastern seacoast to Maine.  Working from sketches and photographs made on excursions into the wilderness, his years of experience are evident in all his techniques.  The transparent layers of color creating forms are confidently structured but unlabored.

Velek’s award-winning paintings have received acclaim in regional exhibitions and are included in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the county.  A selection of art held by local patrons, such as Ms. Shirley Baccus, Cindy and Bob Michaud, and Leonor and Peter Zies, will be on display during the month of November as well, at the alla prima styling group located at 1540 Highland Avenue – 321-255-5300.  Both exhibits will hang through the month of November.

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