Thursday, August 2, 2012

Open Letter from Anita Shaw

It has been over six years that I have moved from Melbourne, FL, to the small New England town of Natick, MA. But there isn't a day I don't miss Melbourne and my many years spent in its environs. I think about the vast memories of my life there, my artistic adventures and my interaction with so many talented, wonderful people whom I still consider friends. Because of Facebook, email and other sites, I follow the artistic endeavors of many of you and applaud your successes.

Since leaving the charmed environment of being President of the Strawbridge Art League and being part of the Up Front Gallery, I have never let up on the pursuit of my art and participate in many local art shows Besides I have been busy teaching my course, "Watercolors Made Easy" utilizing Yupo paper on many cruise ships around the world and at home in Natick. My students have ranged in age from 5 to 95.

Two years ago I began a project with a goal in mind of combining my art and literary skills into a book. Finally, I am thrilled to say, after multiple revisions and reshuffling of material and direction, my book has finally surfaced and come into fruition. I can now announce the publication of “ALWAYS FLOWERS”. The name comes from a Matisse saying, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

In essence, the book contains quite a few of my floral paintings, philosophical and psychological observations, poetry, and a discussion of customs and cultural attitudes towards flowers. Of course, I discourse on my personal perspective on how I came to dwell on flowers and their genuine, conscious and subconscious impact on so much of my life and indeed on all our lives.

The blurb on the back page of the book is enlightening (attached).  But in essence the book contains over 30 of my floral paintings, my biography, philosophical and psychological observations on flowers, outpourings of poets and writers, and many tidbits of floral customs and history.
Check out my website: and then click on NEW BOOK for information.  I want to reach all my old friends in spirit, if not in person.
Fondly and with good memories, I am
Your dedicated friend,
Anita Shaw

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