Saturday, August 4, 2012

Diana Hollingsworth Gessler offers workshops in Illustrated and Travel Journaling

August 19-21, 2012 The Art of Illustrated Travel Journaling A THREE-DAY WORKSHOP FOR ADULTS
This is a class for artists of all levels, because I stress that there can be no mistakes. This is YOUR journal and you are simply recording moments in time for your own amusement and pleasure. I work with each person to insure that they don’t draw anything too hard, learn to simplify what they see, and that each page reflects the joy you felt in creating it. Students will learn calligraphy, layout & design, cartooning ("trip 'toons"), watercolor washes, and map making. All the elements that make for a charming journal!
TIP: If you order my kit (see below), I'll bring it to class so that all you have to worry about is showing up!
August 18, 2012 An Introduction to Illustrated Journaling A ONE-DAY CLASS FOR A CHILD OR PARENT & CHILD This is a good day to see if you and/or your child will enjoy journaling your trips together. In classroom exercises we learn simple techniques like cartooning events. Best of all, kids have fun because there are no mistakes or homework! Then in the afternoon, students learn how to “see like an artist” by going on a treasure hunt using new journaling skills.

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