Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classes at Indian River Potters' Guild

Indian River Potters’ Guild is building a strong body of classes for students interested in three dimensional media. Over the last four years, the studio has been operating mainly as a workplace for resident artists devoted to the ceramic arts. Responding to the demand for opportunities for novices and advanced students alike to hone their skills, Indian River Potters’ Guild has expanded their program to offer a broad range of classes in Sculpture, Hand Building, Wheel Thrown Pottery, as well as Fused Glass and Mosaics.

Classes are taught by talented artists who are also dedicated to teaching and sharing their knowledge with others. This exchange of tips, skills and inspiration is a quality shared by teachers, students and resident artists of the Guild. The intent is that a strong art community is built through supporting one another, and developing new skills and techniques. Often, students of the classes become members/resident artists, as they are drawn to the cooperative atmosphere of the studio.

Director Valerie Karas shares that: “We have been fortunate to offer stellar instruction in a premiere studio. Our students and members are joyful, almost playful when creating. It’s been my desire to provide a phenomenal workspace which not only gives the best in technical support, but also a pleasant and inspirational atmosphere. The response from our students appears to show that we are their ‘happy place’.

“ For more information on upcoming classes, visit the website A new session will begin the third week of September.

Their Next Session of Art Classes
 Week Series)
Beginning the Week of Sept 16,  2012

Mon, Sept 17, 9:30a-12:30p Fused Glass $120
Tues, Sept 18, 6:00p-9:00p Wheel Thrown $145
Wed, Sept 19, 9:00a-Noon Sculpture in Clay $145
Thurs, Sept 20, 9:00a-Noon Mosaic Art $150
Sat, Sept 22, Noon-2:00p Wheel Thrown $100
Sat, Sept 22, 2:00p-4:00p Hand Building $100
Sat, Sept 22, Noon-4:00p  Twice the Fun $180

(For more detailed information, click Here )

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