Friday, August 24, 2012

Church at Viera Art Showcase and Gallery - Call to Artists

The  Church At Viera is having an  Art Showcase and Gallery on September 28.  This is a fun night designed to showcase the artists in the community through art displays and music. This will be the third showcase this year.

In the past, as well as during this show, they displayed art work for artists from Art Gallery of Viera.  They also have worked with Chris Conneen, owner of Pizza Gallery and Grill, in displaying some of his artists work as well as artists within the church.

They want to continue to branch out and give more artists in the community a chance to showcase their talent. Therefore, the showcase is open to any artist. They simply need to email AnnMarie Gustke at Send a picture of what you would like to display.This is a family environment, so they ask that the art work be safe for little eye’s to see.

The event will take place on Friday, September 28, 6-9 PM. The artwork will be on display through the weekend to give church members a chance to enjoy the gallery. They have close to 1500 attend  their weekend service, giving artists exposure and a chance to possibly sell their artwork.

The churce does not handle any sales that may come as a result of the art work being displayed. They provide the artist's name and contact information. The sale of any artwork would be between the artist and buyer.

They have provided live demonstrations in the past during the showcase. They also have musicians performing during the event. The event has a coffee house type feel and the music is very acoustically driven. Many of the musicians perform original songs that they have written.

Light refreshments consisting of coffee and desserts are served during the event. 

For the upcoming showcase, they plan to add a children’s art gallery. It will be separate from their upstairs art gallery. 

They will have a host for the gallery who will give information out about the artist and be available to answer any questions. We always encourage the artists to attend the event.

Contact AnnMarie Gustke at if you would like to participate

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