Friday, July 20, 2012

Member's Choice Exhibit at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

Art Work: Doris Keck, Welcome Intruder, watercolor
Show dates: 7/3/12 to 7/29/12

Member's Choice is the theme for July at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery. Each member has chosen an artist outside of the gallery that has had an impact on their lives and their art.  A sample of that artist will be on display for the monthly show along with a statement from the gallery member as to why they have chosen that artist. Some of these artists are very well known, while others have not exhibited recently. Work by the following artists will be on display:
Barbara Desrosiers, Nancy Dillen, Mary Ekroos, Earl Evans, Doris Keck, Carol Luntz, Agnes Manganelli, Lisa Mistiuk, Aletha Rector, Loretta Schnitzius, Richard Stephens, Lois Stier,  Frits Van Eeden, and Charles Velek.
The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery,  is located in EGAD, the Eau Gallie Arts District of Melbourne, across the street from the Foosaner  Art  Museum .

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