Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'Just When I Found You' opens Friday, July 20, 6-9 pm at EGAD! Art Lab

Her Lipstick Makes its Mark on Brevard County

Meet Danielle Horak, an artist creating abnormal public displays of affection.  Just as a painter uses his brush and palette, Horak uses her body and physical presence to create moving works of art.  Her newest piece, Good Intentions, employs strategic kissing and lipstick stains to guide viewers on a satirical journey.
Horak graduated from Florida State University where she began developing a body of work addressing gender roles and cosmetics.  After working in 2-D, sculpture, and installation art, she found her passion in performance art.  Horak confides, “I love the immediacy of performing.  Unlike a painting or sculpture, I cannot be bought, and you cannot come back to look at me later.  Viewers must experience the work as I create it.”
Danielle will perform Good Intentions from 7-9pm at the opening of Just When I Found You, an art exhibit at the EGAD Art Lab.  Says EGAD Art Lab Creative Director Derek Gores, "We love any chance to 'mingle the senses'.  Rather than hang like a static painting on a wall, performance art is a live and interactive sculpture - then the moment is gone.  Danielle is a great new addition for Brevard.”  Her piece will join a found art installation by Olivia Rogers and work by John Sluder, Heather Everett, Jeff Filipski, Jamila Jelani, Kevin O’Bedlam, Carmen Beecher, Derek Gores, Jeanne Painter Johnson, and Foundry by M.
Founded in 2011, the EGAD Art Lab gallery and live art studio is the source for contemporary art in Brevard County. Featuring monthly art exhibits and workshops for kids and adults, the EGAD Art Lab specializes in interactive, often surprising combinations of art and other aspects of the community. Exhibits have included the POLLEN8 show pairing artists and floral designers, the SHAKEN NOT STIRRED show featuring art and mid century modern furniture, as well as the CHEMISTRY exhibit, which paired artists and audience members in an interactive 'Doodle War'. Glitch art and drawing robots have appeared at the gallery as well.
Don’t miss the opening of the Just When I Found You show at the EGAD Art Lab on July 20th from 6-9pm!  1405 Highland Ave in the Eau Gallie Arts District.   More info at www.EGADArtLab.com

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