Friday, August 3, 2012

Artist Retreat Inspires Exhibit

Discussion around a weekly painting session and a request for a birthday gift to get away and paint for a few days morphed into a four-day artist retreat that inspired new ideas, stirred creativity and planning of future trips.  Creative results of the four-day artist retreat will be on display during the month of August at Art and Antique Studio and Gallery. 

After much research, (the internet) discussion and strong organizational skills, eight artists, seven women and one man, made it happen during the middle of May of this year, when they packed four cars, tons of delicious food, wine, art supplies, suitcases, bags, camera gear and headed to a place where they could commune with nature, relax, paint and just get away from it all.  It was a small island 40 miles or so west of Gainesville, FL – 2.0 square miles – 0.9 is island, 1.1 square miles of water.   Cedar Key became the new inspiration to explore, discover, and paint anew.      

They all truly knew they arrived when they settled into a beautiful three story rental, (“The Family Tides”) with three balconies, overlooking Cedar Key, surrounded by eagles soaring overhead, nesting osprey in scented pine and cedar trees, pecking ibis, soaring terns, and nightly sounds of nature right off the breezy balconies.  Inspired by walking trails, sunsets, moon rises, colorful cottages built in the 1920s, fishing village, kayaking, marsh vitas, islands to discover, and yes the colorful galleries and locals.  Discovery was just the beginning.    

Rising anytime before or after sunrise, going to bed way after sunset, or moonrise, with hundreds of photos taken then reviewed and critiqued over too much food, wine, and merriment led to other nights painting around the table, enjoying the local entertainment, no television, no internet, (just cell phones) shelling, birding on isolated islands, boating, sponge hooking, fishing (if you want to call catching a rock truly fishing) photographing sunsets, nature walks, rails, terns, hawks, enjoying championship clam chowder and building true camaraderie while inspiring new ideas, and new creativity.  One artist (plein air) sold a completed painting on the spot.  Join the following exhibitors at:

                What:                     Eau Gallie - First Friday Art Walk
                When:                    Throughout August2
                Where:                   Art and  Antique Studio and Gallery
                                                1419 Highland Avenue

Exhibitors:  Carol Marshall, Jo Lincoln, Karen Lewis, Barbara May Smythers, Cynthia Perry, Mike McCluiston, Therese Ferguson, Lolly Walton

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