Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shaken Not Stirred... An interview with Jeff Filipski

A quick peek behind the oil-painted curtain with Jeff Filipski:

Jeff, do your art titles occur before you paint, in the middle, or after you are done? And what is a personal favorite title that stands out?
Sometimes I see a title and make it happen..mostly i make the image and the title comes..I have many faves .. 'Flirting with the satellites in my occipital lobe' comes to mind.. a large piece which hangs in Chicago..

Your work is both fun and dark at the same time. Which comes first?
There is a certain cynicism which accompanies my work while thinly veiled in black humor. Hopefully the viewer can appreciate this at the appropriate time..

Are there recurring characters in your work?
The sphrere and the parabola seems to be a recurring thing theme as well as some images which are better left unsaid.
In the "Shaken Not Stirred" show, you have some really soft and atmospheric abstracts. How is your thought process different in those compared to your dense figurative work?
I am attempting to change gears some with newer images searching somewhat for an interesting ambience or certain air about them.. I have been successful only a few times as the darkness comes every 12 hours.

Name some of your big influences people should look into.
I am intoxicated by Hieronymous Bosch, Hugo Van Der Goes..obviously Picasso  abstracts and surrealists.. Rauschenburg, Johns, Twombly diebencorn, Braverman, And Patchen are all standout.. a few current dead artists whose work is still important.

What was the name of the character you dressed up as for the "Shaken Not Stirred" opening night party? And what can we expect on Friday for the closing?
the character at the opening was a hybrid Beat poet artit type. I was too young for a hippy. Not alive for Kerouac and Cassady.... The 60's was a mish mosh of tobacco poisoning and bad childhood experiences most of which not meant to share..On Friday we can expect mistletoes on cosmic pyres waiting for acceptance from dead popes, and colored ropes and the results of foul alkalloyds and all things inconsequential ...

Catch Jeff and his paintings Friday, April 6 at the closing party for "Shaken, Not Stirred" at EGAD Art Lab, 1405 Highland Ave, in the historic Eau Gallie Arts District.

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