Monday, April 16, 2012

Get the Tools You Need to Jump Start Your Art Business

This is a series of action-oriented workshops designed to provide information, encouragement, and inspiration to help you develop a plan for your art—the basic direction you desire to take your business. These structured but small and informal gatherings can be an enjoyable way to work with others who also want to grow as artists. Through inner reflection, group discussion, and “tools of the trade” presentations, you’ll find new ways to:

  • Meet the challenges of promoting your art
  • Overcome personal obstacles to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to market and sell your work
  • Get recognition and personal satisfaction

Since the focus is on the business side of art, people with any level of experience can benefit. The cost of each workshop is $20. Private consultations are available as well. Advance registration is required. Group size is limited.

The workshops are led by Rene Griffith, an artist and photographer with over 15 years experience promoting, marketing, selling, and licensing her artwork. Her work is sold and collected worldwide. In addition, she’s had an interesting career as a business and technical writer, entrepreneur, freelance graphic designer, and a business and marketing consultant for large and small businesses both in California and Florida. Rene is also an experienced teacher and workshop leader.

For information, registration, and exact location in Indialantic, please call (321) 676-1956 or email

Workshop Schedule
 (Held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.)

MAY 2: Jump Start Your Art Career
Setting Goals for Yourself and Your Artwork
Writing a Plan for Your Art Business—Your Roadmap!
Creating Action Items to Achieve Your Goals

MAY 9: Developing Your Marketing Plan
Defining Your Market
Making Yourself Accountable
Starting and Keeping an Idea Journal

MAY 16: Building Your Business: One Item at a Time
Creating Your “Elevator Speech”
Your Business Card: Don’t Leave Home Without It
Putting Together Your Resume
Writing Your Artist Statement
Writing Your Bio

MAY 23: Organizing Your Art Business
Scheduling Your Time
Getting and Staying Organized
Simple Bookkeeping Methods
Keeping Tax Records

MAY 30: Protecting and Documenting Your Artwork
Copyrighting Your Artwork and Photography
Giving Your Work Titles
Creating a Database of Your Artwork
Legal Forms and Contracts
Keeping Records

JUNE 6: Projecting Yourself as an Artist/Business Owner
Necessary Computer Skills
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Quality of Your Work

JUNE 20: Marketing on a Shoestring: Building Your Customer Base
Who Are Your Customers and Where Do You Find Them?
Develop a Database of Prospective Customers
Social Media
Writing a Blog
Using an Email Marketing Program

JUNE 27: Self-Promotion Opportunities
Developing Your Media Kit
How to Get Free Publicity
Writing a Press Release
Giving Presentations of Your Art/Process/Photography

JULY 11: Designing Your Best Marketing Tool: Your Website
Using a Template-Based Website
Content is King
Organizing for Easy Navigation
Photos for Your Website
Basic SEO (search engine optimization)

JULY 18: Photographing Your Artwork
When to Photograph Your Artwork
What Quality Photos Do You Need
Tools You Need for Great Results
Submitting Photos to Shows, Publications, etc.

JULY 25: Presenting Your Artwork in a Professional Manner
Producing a Body of Gallery-Ready Work
How to Put Together a Portfolio
Where and How to Exhibit Your Art
Approaching Art Galleries
Pricing Your Work to Sell in Galleries
Joining a Co-op Gallery
Finding Alternative Places to Hang Your Work

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