Saturday, April 28, 2012

Connie Fiore - Featured Artist in May at Art Gallery of Viera

Art Gallery of Viera
Featured Artist May

Connie Fiore - Mouth Painter
How do I handle my MS?
One day at a time, with the help of the Lord, I try to focus on three things: 
 I have always been artistic, from the 4th grade when I started playing guitar, to sewing anything, and twenty years in leather craft. PBS taught me to oil paint, then Multiple Sclerosis stopped my hands. I spent 1989 - 1994 paralyzed without a wheelchair.
My caregiver Jim, built my first easel so I could attempt painting with the brush In my mouth. I was successful from the start. The paintings I do by mouth are better than I could do with my hands!
It is a totally different approach because the painting is 7 inches from my face. Any discomfort I have disappears while I'm painting. It lets my spirit soar again. Traveling on canvas from the deepest ocean to outer space, I'm Free! No rules, No Gravity, just Creativity!
I feel closest to God while painting because it seems to be what He wants me to do.
 "The Waiting Room"
The New Era of Fine Art in Viera

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