Saturday, April 7, 2012

 Artist Marg Kuhl with her work at Starbucks, Eau Gallie

Indian River Potters’ Guild Director Valerie Karas is pleased to announce that one of the studio’s talented resident artists is honored as the Artist of the Month at Starbucks in the Eau Gallie Arts District.
The Ms Kuhl states; “My works form a series; not by careful structure, planning, or predestination, but naturally, because one piece follows the next. A thread connects each with all the previous works through common iconography, color, manipulation of line, and all of the choices made during the process. My goal is not to reproduce an exact likeness of something I see or something real. The open-ended process is my way of exploring and expressing the obsessions that crowd my mind. Some may see the finished pieces as whimsical, weird, happy, or challenging. Nothing is literal; so the viewer is free to respond, experience, and interpret the work from his or her own perspective. My ways of working constantly change, yet they always remain the same. I make the work, inventing as I go.”  
Ms Kuhl’s work is on display for the month of April at Starbucks, and can also be viewed at Indian River Potters’ Guild, where she is a founding member.  Ms Karas is proud to have one of the Guild’s artists highlighted in Brevard County, and especially within the Eau Gallie Arts District, which is home to the studio.
“Indian River Potters’ Guild is expanding its offerings to the public, and invites anyone with a little curiosity to take a class or workshop to explore the creative process.  We have something to suit all levels of skill and interest.  We are also expanding our membership to bring more resident artists into the space.  Most recently we began to have Raku firings for our students and members.  This addition to the studio is very exciting,”  shares Director Valerie Karas.
Valerie Karas
Indian River Potters' Guild, LLC
1542 Guava Avenue
Eau Gallie Arts District
Melbourne, FL  32935

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