Saturday, March 10, 2012

Catching The Spirit Of Your Pet

 Who: Sheila Wedegis, an internationally known Florida watercolorist and oil painter, who specializes in Labrador Retrievers, will guide you through the basics of drawing and composition in learning to draw your pet. 

The Goal: 2 completed pieces by the end of the 6-week course. You will learn how to bring life, spirit and joie de vivre to your work. All mediums invited.

Where: Classes will be held at Riverview Studios and Gallery, Melbourne Florida

Contact: Sheila Wedegis at (321)266-4616 or by email at

When: Starting March 21, 2012...6 week course. Classes held Wednesday and Friday 1:00 PM – 3::30PM

The details from Sheila...

I have been painting and drawing dogs and cats for over 12 years and share our home and couch with three Labradors.  In this class, you will be learning the shape of eyes, the tilt of their head and their magnificent nose structure. How many “eyes” across to the next eye placement? Angles and measurements will also be part of capturing your pet.  We will be working in pencil, ink and watercolor wash.

In this week, we will continue with the above class adding body and paws. You will find that the body in motion makes a striking portrait rather than just a face.  We will start to explore values again working with pencil, ink and watercolor wash.

WEEK 3,4,5,6
Now let’s put this all together.  With your medium of choice, we will work on composition, value and color. Our goal is a facial portrait and one whole body portrait.  Do you have a favorite photo of your pet running? Playing? We can do it.!

Let’s have fun!

Single class $25.00 per week. Two classes per week, in case you want to repeat material, $5.00 extra. Pre-pay entire 6 week course $90.00 

Drawing pad , pencils,  kneaded eraser, waterproof ink pen, watercolors or 1 or 2 watercolor pencils.  Brush for washes. Derwent has a dark drawing wash pencil you may like working with.

Canvas panels or gessoed masonite for our practice paintings.  9x12 or larger.  I’ll be bringing supplies too just in case. 

Stretched canvas for your final masterpieces! Size is up to you. I’ll be working on a 20” x 16” so you can see my technique in action.

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  1. A painter is not known by the pictures he creates but by the colors and feelings he can trace on papers and shiela is master in it.