Thursday, February 16, 2012

Figure Drawing - Classical through Neo with Georgi Gelalles

Foosaner Art Museum School
#216  Figure Drawing --Classical through Neo
Instructor:  Georgi Gelalles
Fridays, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Winter Session II:  216C Feb 24-Mar 23 , 2012
216A/216C $85 Non-member, 216AA/216CC $70 Member

Figure drawing for all skill levels!  Action poses, the anatomy of the body, and the figure in perspective. Students will advance in their understanding and sensitivity to the human form.  Students with basic, intermediate and advanced drawing skills learn step-by-step how to draw a realistic figure.  We will explore classical approaches and compare them to modern, neo views of the figure.  Students will try new ways of looking at and describing an immortal image through hands-on instruction exploring different dry and wet media as well as color.  We encourage individual multimedia.  Simple as well as more complex unexpected poses inspire new perspectives in viewing the figure.  We will analyze well-known modern and past masters for their skills and insights into the human form.  Model fee extra and collectable at the first class:  more students, lower model fees.  Arrive with tools and enthusiasm; model at first class! 

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