Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beginning Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting with Georgi Gelalles

#Foosaner Art Museum School
#220 Beginning Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting
Instructor:  Georgi Gelalles
Tuesdays 9:30am-12:30pm
Winter SessionII: #220C Feb 21-Mar 20, 2012
220A/220C $85 Non-member, 220AA/220CC $70 Member

Explore drawing for painting along with basic techniques in acrylic painting. Learn perspective in drawing, loose watercolor techniques, scumbling, thick impasto techniques and mixed media.  Learn basic drawing techniques, then develop your own unique style!  Mixed media demonstrations and walk-throughs with all students, as well as learning how to mix colors, what strokes different brushes make, and how to layer color.  Collage adds to the mix, how to work with various thicknesses of papers, then add mixed media over them.  Each student can begin to discover his/her own style, expression in paper, paint, brush or spatula.  Good for intermediate and advanced students who want to brush
up on their skills.

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