Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lin Sons participates in The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project is a unique vision of artists sharing their work with the world.  Each artist who participates submits their themed sketchbook.  The sketchbooks are then compiled, organized by theme, categorized, and a tour of the books begins in April.  The tour starts in Brooklyn, NY and heads throughout the United States and Canada over the next few months.  Cities on the tour include Chicago, Portland-OR, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Portland-ME, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Austin as well as Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Last year, 23,000 sketchbooks were requested by artists, and 10,000 were returned for the 2011 tour.
Lin Sons, local artist, has completed a sketchbook for this year's project.  She is always intrigued by a new adventure.  Lin tells us,
         The word, 'sketchbook' to me always equates to an invitation to explore new items to draw.  Lin works in anything pencil...graphite pencil portraits, colored pencil, and pastel pencils plus pen and ink.  Upon further investigation of this 2012 Sketchbook Project, I found that my work in this tiny 5" x 7" vessel would be seen around our nation and in Canada!!!  As Christ's missionary, His message could spread in a most unique way through my art.  As an artist, my artwork would go on tour!!  I was 'in'!!!!
         The title of my sketchbook, 'Path Through the Trees.'' was chosen because life sometimes speaks to me in the sunshine of joy.  At other times, I have to walk through a forest, but I am never alone.  My walk on the path through the trees, no matter where it leads me, is filled with insight and confidence through the assurance of truth in God's Word.  When the path takes me through those trees, the message of life in Jesus Christ stands tall and strong like those trees along that path.
          I hope others will find inspiration through my sketchbook and enjoy the artwork within the message.
Lin will also participate in the next Sketchbook Project - Limited Edition series.  Lin's next sketchbook theme will be a fun work entitled 'The Final Word.'  Each artist who participates in this next project will have a creation featured in the first project book, Sketchbook Project - Limited Edition, Vol. 1, which will be published in the fall of 2012.
More of Lin's artwork can be found at or just google Lin Sons.  Lin is also available to teach drawing classes by appointment.  Contact Lin at 321-223-4635.

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