Saturday, January 7, 2012

Art Gallery of Viera is proud to present our featured artist for January 2012, Melissa Brooks

 Bio from Melissa Brooks:

I rarely, if ever, write about my own art. I simply do not know what to say. I have, however, for the purpose of this piece, sat and thought about why I create art and why I am an artist. What I have come up with is not exactly earth shattering: I just don’t know any better. 

   I was raised by two artists and am related to many more and creating art was what everyone did. I remember painting before I could write- not that what I produced then was anything great. I won my first art award when I was 6, a best in show. I did not truly set out to make art in a methodical way or attempt to enhance or develop my artistic skills until I was well into my teens. I think it was then, when I developed artistic intent, that I became an artist rather than a dabbler in art. 
   As I have gotten older and life has shaped me with both joys and sorrows I have evolved greatly. My skills and my eye for design have matured. Life itself has made me a better artist and I hope that trend continues for many, many years.

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