Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brevard Watercolor Society presents Susan Webb-Tregay

Watercolor Workshop – Fresh paths in Watercolor: 5 Strategies for Success

What a way to start off 2012 
 January's 15-17TH  Workshop with Susan Webb Tregay is entitled Fresh Paths in Watercolor: 5 Strategies for Success. 

Here is what she has to say: "What makes an outstanding painting? Clean vibrant colors, an organized palette, great design that truly fills the page, and the secret ingredient that turns a painting into fine art- content.

Learn the secret to cleanly removing muddy colors and mistakes. Discover how to re-design empty, boring areas. Develop an amazing tool to organize your color strategies and define your value patterns. Through a lively balance of demos, digital presentations, discussions, one-on-one conferences and plenty of individual help, discover content.

Many have called this the best workshop that they have ever taken. By teaching you the vocabulary of success, you will go home charged, confident and ready to take a fresh path."

More information and Susan's workshop supply list can be found at

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