Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rafael Picon works on sculpture of Ponce de Leon

Rafael Picon poses next to his partially completed sculpture

Rafael Picon is in the process of sculpting Ponce De Leon for the 500-Year Anniversary of his landing in Florida. This celebration is to occur in April 2013 at Juan Ponce de Leon Landing at Melbourne Beach, Florida.

A two-year project is underway, lead by the United Third Bridge Inc Royal Order Society of Don Juan Ponce de Leon Historical 500-Year Anniversary Celebration Committee. Samuel C. Lopez a member of the Brevard County Historical Commission and president of the Royal Order Society was present to see the partially completed sculpture. When finished the sculpture will be moved to Melbourne Beach.

This project is undertaken in conjunction with the King and Queen of Spain, Brevard County Parks and Recreation, Spain Foundation 500 Year, Brevard Community College, Chilis Restaurant, Banco Popular NA, and the government of Puerto Rico.

Plans are also underway to build a Spanish multi-cultural research center. Mr. Lopez indicated that the committee welcomes volunteers. The committee meets at the Government Center in Viera. If you would like more information, please contact Samuel Lopez at 321-863-5165 or by email at

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, many attended a celebration of the beginning of this project. For the celebration, Santiago Baeza, Mayor of Santervas, Spain, (Ponce de Leon's hometown in Spain) sent wine named Lunas de Ponce in honor of the occasion.

To read more about Don Juan Ponce de Leon's landing, visit


  1. Fabulous project and we are blessed to have such an amazing creative genius here is Brevard County! Having had the opportunity to view first-hand the depth of vision that Raphel Picon has dedicated to his sculpture of Ponce de Leon as well as his other works of art and inventions, I would liken him to the greatness of Leonardo DiVinci. What a unique treasure we have right here in our midst.

  2. Le doy la enorabuena a este compañero de trabajo en escultura y artes variaos ,en España durante mucho tiempo, por este magnifico trabajo que está llevando a cabo sobre Ponce de Leon. Colega , sigue asi que tu futuro es grande . Da a conecer nuestra historia en tierras Americanas sobre ese descubridor de La Florida .

  3. What kind of sculpture is it and it is looking like a person that have met with an accident so it is looking very horrible